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Know More About Fire Glasses

Fire glasses are made of tempered glass and are used in fire pits and fireplaces to reflect the light from flames and to add color. These glasses are polished and tumbled to remove the sharp edges of it to reduce any injuries. These are especially designed glasses which are used in fireplace as they can easily tolerate high temperature which will cause the material to get burned easily and discolor. Fire glasses do not create any toxic fumes or ash or smoke. Many home owners prefer to use fire glass because of its durability and reflective features. They can also be used in fire pans and landscaping and fish aquariums as well.

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How they are made?

These fire glasses are made to be used in any non vented or vented place. These are made of recycled tempered glass and small pebbles in it so when it comes in direct contact with heat, it does not melt. These are made from special treatment which does not let them explode or emit any harmful toxic gas that can harm your health. These glasses are much safer than regular glasses and you can mostly find such glass on your computer screens and windows. These glasses are easily available in the market these days and come in the form of small pebbles.

They are also available in the form of crystals in the market which work similar like the small pebbles but can reflect more attractive look and are represented in various shapes. You can easily grab these glasses from online stores at meaningful prices.