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If You Thought Pressure Washing Is Best For Roof, Read This

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Roofs should be cleaned up regularly so that the moss does not collect on it. However, excessive pressure washing during the roof cleaning can affect the tiles on the roof and can decrease their life expectancy. Therefore, you must ask the professionals to have some alternate method for cleaning the roof. There are various soft ways which you should deploy to clean the roof.

Go For Soft Methods

Cleaning the roof with the help of the right chemicals is one way in which you can get your roof cleaned from the mosses and other types of dirt. Often, the professionals would start with scrapping the mosses on the roof. Also, cleaning it does not need any hi-tech tool rather a simple towel can be used to clean off the moss from the tile. Make sure that if you want the contractor to remove the moss just by scrapping, he has chosen a dry day to do so. Towel is considered as the perfect way to scrap because it is effective enough to remove the moss and it is not hard enough to affect and put scratch on your tiles.

However, towels can cause scuff marks on the tiles and if you do not want that, then ask your contractor to go for the brush or rubber scrapper. Once the moss scrapping is done, ask your contractor to put some kind of effective yet gentle chemical. This would help in removing the smallest moss present between the tiles without affecting the surface of the tiles.