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Unblocking Drains With DIY Approach

While calling professional help for drain unblocking in Bristol is the most suggested step, it is better to try simple DIY approaches to see whether it really needs professional intervention. Most households face issues of blocked drains which are quite simple to handle self rather than calling a plumber right away.

Ways to treat blocked drains at home

The foremost thing to do if you have a blocked drain is to try using a plunger to unblock. Most issues are solved with it.

If this fails, the next step is to pour hot water down the drain that is mixed with vinegar or soda bicarbonate. This usually solves the issue of blocked drains if the blockage is minor. Leave it for 10 mins before washing it down with clear water.

Acids of household use that are readily available in the market can also be used to clear grime and fat buildup in drains and clear the way. Hardware shops sell sulphuric acid that you can be sent down the drains. Do follow the instructions given in the leaflet along and take proper precautions such as wearing gloves and mouth piece before handling such chemicals. This usually proves effective in drain unblocking in Bristol.

Both natural and industrial chemicals work in minor drain blockages. Lime and soda, liquid soap, using drill snake drain unblocker, hot tap water or readily available drainage powders can work most of the times to give you clear, unblocked drains. If all this fails, the issue might be a major one needing professional intervention.