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Tips For Carpet Cleaning At Home

One of the best ways to give your home a lavish look and a comfortable feel is installing the carpets. Most of the house owners in Swansea get carpet flooring as they offer the needed warmth in the winters and give a comfortable feel in the summers. However, getting the carpet installed comes with the responsibility of cleaning it. The best way to get rid of the trouble is by hiring carpet cleaning services based in Swansea.

For dealing with common issues, you can follow the tips below.

Use baking soda to remove oil stains

Oil stains are the most difficult to remove from the carpets. You can’t clean them by just applying the dabbing technique or hot water. You need to apply baking soda on the oil stain which absorbs it and then you can easily remove the dry crust and make the stain light to a great extent.

Use alcohol to remove nail polish

There are many clear rubbing alcohols or nail polish removers available that are not as strong as alcohol. You should not apply pure alcohol as it could bleach the carpet. Put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the stain. Once the nail polish completely dissolves, rub it with a cloth.

Use an Ice cube to fluff the carpet

If the carpet is placed in an area that has high footfall, the fibers are likely to get flattened. To make it look fluffy again, you can place ice cubes on the affected area. When fibers completely soak the water, iron that area to dry it but keep in mind that you must cover that area with a towel. When the fibers get dry, you can see the area will get fluffed.