Month: August 2019

Types Of Sand And Gravel For Construction Purposes

A wide range of sand, rocks and gravel naturally exist in Santa, Los Angeles. They are collected and refined by the companies and then used for various purposes in construction like ground-cover, for making concrete and mortars, etc. Some are perfect solid surfaces to bear the foot traffic while others are just used in drainage systems.

The types of sand and gravel used in Santa, Los Angeles for construction purposes are:

Crushed clean stone – It comes in many sizes and is crushed down to appropriate one to prevent collection of excessive dust. It is often used for drainage systems located on the roads and in the septic drain fields for retaining wall drains. It is also used to make filter stone, railroad ballast, ready-mix concrete and lime.

Fine limestone gravel – The gravel is coarse than sand, but still contains small particles to create a compact and solid surface. It is not fit for drainage systems due to the fineness in particles. Although it creates a really smooth surface for indoor pavers, patios and enclosed rooms like sunrooms, it cannot be used for driveways as there is too much of load.

River sand – It is a type of construction sand, extracted from river beds and banks. It has a very coarse and fine texture. They are not fit for construction as their fine particles produce a lot of dust, but they are used to mix concretes and plasters. Due to their round shape, they create a very smooth surface and finish; and make the other layers of coating easy to stay.