Month: June 2018

Get EPC Certificate Before Buying A Home

Everyone wants to buy a suitable house that doesn’t affect their pocket. There are some factors that help you to select the best house. One of them is EPC certificate. This certificate is given to you after full inspection of the house.  In Gloucester, whenever people are going to buy or sell a house they take services from EPC certificate providing companies. These companies give them residential energy performance certificate in Gloucester according to their home energy saving ratings. If you want to sell your house then you can take their help. This certificate increases the value of your house. In this certificate, government assessors mention all the essential details that you can use in maintenance and repairing of your house.

Why take EPC?

EPC is the certificate that describes the conditions of building with respect to the energy efficiency. It gives rating from very efficient to inefficient energy savings. With the help of this rating, you can choose the right house. EPC inspector also helps you by telling the method that you can use in maintaining your home’s energy efficiency. You just have to call the company which provides EPC certificate and they will send their inspectors in due time.

EPC test doesn’t take much time. It normally takes 30 minutes for landscape but if the area is big, it takes 1-2 hours. This certificate will give you knowledge about energy efficiency rating, CO2 impact rating and recommended things to improve your home energy performance. This certificate is applicable up to 10 years from the date of inspection.

Customizing Your Blinds By Yourself

roller blind with london theme

Blinds are an important part of your doors and windows. It provides you the authority to choose whether you want to have the view of the outside at anytime or not. It provides you privacy from the outer world. You can make your room more colorful and lively by selecting the color pattern and the texture of the blind and of course you can select the price range of your blind too in London. You can have your bespoke design from the selected store of your choice. You can get the made to measure blinds in London to ensure that you get the perfect size for your windows and doors.

How to measure the blinds?

  • You should use the metal measuring tape to take the measurements of the door and the window. You should measure every window and door even when they seem to be of the same size. A slight difference in the measurement may make the blind unfit for the particular door or window.
  • You should decide as where you want the blinds to be installed in the room from inside of the room or from outside of the room. You should take the measurement of the blind either from the inside of the frame or outside of the frame. You should take the measurement to one point of the decimal and after taking the measurement you should recheck the measurement. If you do not get the same measurement second time then go for the measurement again with more accuracy.