Month: May 2018

Asbestos Cause Many Health Problems

Asbestos is commonly used as insulator and fire retardant material in the building. Asbestos is very effective as fire retardant but people discovered that it is very dangerous for health if inhaled in any form. Human health can be affected by long term contact with unsafe asbestos. Fibers of asbestos are easily inhaled and injure lower lungs which cause many lung diseases. Long term inhalation of these asbestos fibers can also cause death. Mostly people decline asbestos testing in their property because of its high cost. However, it is essential to get it tested in order to keep you and your loved ones life safe.

Solid material testing

Many laboratories provide facility of testing and all you need to do is to cut a sample of material you think is asbestos, place it in a sealed pack bag and mail it to the laboratory. Types of materials you can send to the laboratories are floor tile, wallboard, mastic, ceiling insulation and sheet vinyl. After two to three weeks, lab gives you reports of your sample whether the sample is really asbestos or not. Different labs charge different cost for this service.

Dust Samples

If you are sending dust for testing, make sure that you have collected a teaspoon full of dust. If you cannot gather that amount of dust, use a tissue and wipe the dust than seal it in a zip lock bag, because dust of asbestos requires an electron microscope for sampling. Its cost is much higher than convectional testing.

You also have to beware from asbestos testing home kit because you still have to pay delivery cost and lab fees which makes it more expensive.

Facing An Issue With The Drainage System? Hire A Professional Company

Clean water is the most important requirement for a residential as well as a commercial building. The supply of the water and the draining of the dirty water should happen in an efficient manner otherwise it can put your daily tasks to a stop. There are many instances when people in Reading complain about various issues that they face with the drainage system and there are times when it becomes no less than havoc.

The proper system for drainage requires the right expertise as this issue is directly connected with the environment and the health of humans thus you cannot take any kind of risk that is related to it. There are various reasons why blocking in drainage happens and this is where it becomes necessary to opt for the services of a skilled plumber to help you with this issue.

Drain cleaning services

  • Rather than delaying any kind of issue that you are facing with the drainage system of your house or office, you should look forward to hire a company that provides drain clearing in Reading. Any kind of blockage in the drain or any other repair work can be done by an expert plumber.
  • There are many substances that can block the drainage system, there are also times when some foreign objects get stuck into the drain, and this is when it becomes a must to look for an expert that has the right expertise to deal with such issues.